Second-party Auditing

Audits are supervision activities done by outsourcing organizations and are independent from another structure, in order to optimize the products/services offered. A growing number of organizations have taken advantage of this service to check activities of their suppliers or sales and assistance networks.
Second-party audit consists of a series of ad hoc evaluation activities for each company to make sure that the suppliers maintain quality standards of their products or services.

It is carried out by competent people and they provide companies with a fast, flexible and efficient tool in order to improve quality of what they offer according to standards and to boost their company’s reputation.

DIMITTO evaluation activities consist of a series of supervision stages:

  • Quality level analysis of products or services and compliance with regulations and contracts;
  • Evaluation of services guaranteed by suppliers;
  • Selection and qualification of new network operators.

DIMITTO has skills to operate at different levels, in particular to develop tailor-made projects for the client, identifying the main needs, defining an analysis method and monitoring. Otherwise, DIMITTO adapts to features defined by the client to concentrate only on planning and analysis.
In both cases, the audit independence ensures an objective and punctual result, reducing the costs and resources.