missionOur objective is to guide quality development in the market, fostering awareness of the fact that the adoption of safety measures at work and for environment - quality in general - is a behavior that brings only benefits and improves the value of organizations which pursue it.

We perform our work seriously with responsibility and competence, and we dedicate great attention to continually keeping our knowledge up-to-date. This allows us to understand the various needs of the market and society, and to offer service at high added value to all those companies oriented towards continuous improvement. We encourage the businesses to behave honestly and expertly throughout their production processes, thus ensuring that they will be guaranteed long term competitive advantages and will increase their market value. Our activity focuses on spreading the principles of setting and following internal regulations which do not act as obstacles or restrictions in a productive process, but which increase efficiency and effectiveness in every possible sector and activity.

Our way of working is oriented towards excellence. In order to achieve high service standards, we never stop investing in research and staff training. Our internal development permits us to constantly improve and enlarge our competences, we have learned about new sectors and this is how we intend to keep on working in the future with the transparency and reliability for which we are noted.