Quality Management Certificate ISO 9001

Quality Management Certificate ISO 9001Quality Management Certificate ISO 9001 represents an essential requirement and a certain factor of success in a current global scenario and a high level of competition.
Adopting a Quality Management Certificate means applying regulations and studying procedures which allow you to manage structural, human and economic resources more efficiently through careful planning and monitoring activities.
Having obtained ISO 9001 certification, businesses can create a managing model which leads to a continuous improvement in many fields: orientation toward the client and their satisfaction, staff involvement and factual strategy planning.

The benefits of ISO 9001 certification:

  • Spreading and use of planning techniques and process control at all levels;
  • Prevention management instead of emergency management;
  • Highlighting areas which can be improved;
  • Special terms access to financial procedures;
  • Reduction of resource waste;
  • Better ability to adhere to legal requirements;
  • The chance of taking part in foreign markets with an objective warranty of organization quality;
  • More likeliness of winning national and international tenders;
  • Reduction of bank guarantee in public contracts;
  • More possibility of getting clients;
  • Improving the company image;
  • Monitoring and cost-cutting

The most important parts of the certification process are:

  • Definition of the purpose of certification;
  • Pre-audit (optional); Gap-analysis and diagnosis of current situations in comparison to standards;
  • The objective is to evaluate the process conformity to the requirements of Quality Management;
  • The main phases of Gap analysis include:
    • Purpose definition;
    • Audit;
    • Non-conformity reports and opportunities for improvement.
  • Certification audit divided into two steps: - 
    • Step 1: Certification preparation revision; 
    • Step 2: Certification preparation evaluation;
  • Certificate issue, valid for three years;
  • Monitoring audit, in order to check the conformity maintenance is kept up to standard and continuous improvement;
  • Three year validity - when expired, the certificate can be renewed in accordance with the abovementioned procedure.