Health sector Quality Management ISO 9001 Certification

Health sector Quality Management ISO 9001 CertificationHealthcare has been static for a long time, without having any innovative stimulus for years. Today we are witnessing a series of changes due to taxation and fiscal obligations: it is here that process and activity optimizing, and results monitoring allow us to reinforce the solidity and credibility of an Organization. DIMITTO, Health Accreditation Body, proposes services built to meet Clients’ real needs, through system certification and reference to well-known standards.

Clinical Audit

DIMITTO ensures efficient clinical audit, focusing on specific clinical issues or problems with assistance, current practice aspects in terms of the structure, processes or results.

Significant Events Audit

The SEA proposed by DIMITTO is a form of audit that focuses on particular events considered significant, which is then used to learn from and plan improvements. More formally, the SEA can be defined as an activity where a single significant event (positive or negative) is analyzed systematically and in detail in order to understand what can be learned regarding the quality of treatment, and find what changes are needed to achieve better future results (Pringle).

Significant Process Audit

The SPA proposed by DIMITTO is a form of audit that concentrates on particular processes considered critical or at risk because of lack of control by Management. The lack of control can depend on blocked organizational contexts, misunderstood legislative obligations, or non-collaborative staff. The examined processes can refer to the core business as well as supporting or secondary activities.

Integrated Management Systems

The Management Systems represent a company culture. The objectives must involve creation of an integrated quality concept, which introduces an improvement in a company’s activity also in regard to aspects of environmental protection, safety and hygiene at work. Quality Management (ISO 9001) guarantees the process monitoring and improvement; Environment Management (ISO 14001) and Safety Management (OHSAS 18001) ensure respect of collaborators, employees and stakeholders as well as compliance with D.Lgs. 231/2001, art. 30 of Decree 81/2008

Pre-test for obtaining/maintaining accreditation

Health Accreditation System involves a periodic test regarding structural, technological and organizational requirements. DIMITTO proposes audits meant to test the organizational, functional, technological and structural requirements of Health structures so they can sign up to the Regional Register of Accredited Structures. Moreover, DIMITTO offers periodical monitoring of maintenance related to the abovementioned requirements. Planning is carried out based on possible critical aspects seen in the previous period. This preventive activity is particularly important; in fact, possible deformities found during these checks could lead to administrative penalties or, worse, interruption of accreditation for a 60 days period.

Certification methods:

  • Preparation
  • Actualization
  • Identifying  changes
  • Sharing conclusions
  • Assessment of results (re-audit)