End of Waste n° 333/2011 Regulation Certification - Scrap metals

End of Waste n. 333/2011 Regulation Certification - Scrap metalsThis regulation establishes criteria which determine when scrap metals (iron, steel and aluminum and its alloys) cease to be waste and become a product again.
SIt is the first Community regulation on “ceasing to be waste” subject, in particular regarding scrap metal. It is an important improvement, because it started contrasting the “all is waste” concept, thus representing correct development of recycling and recovering, clearly by saving on natural raw materials.
Attachments I and II respectively establish criteria on which scrap metals cease to be waste. Regulation 333/2011 applies only to plants that implement recovery operations of scrap metals such as iron, steel, aluminum and its alloys and not to primary producers of such waste.

The existing laws regarding the end of waste in Italy are facing, for the first time, the issue of “waste ceasing to be waste”.
End-of-waste criteria specify when certain waste ceases to be waste and obtains a status of a product (or a secondary raw material).

  • The substance or object is commonly used for specific purposes;
  • There is an existing market or demand for the substance or object;
  • The use is lawful (substance or object fulfils the technical requirements for the specific purposes and meets the existing legislation and standards applicable to products);
  • Use will not lead to overall adverse environmental or human health impacts.